What I do

  • DP/Cinematographer:  In charge of camera and lighting crew for narrative films, commercials, and music videos.
  • Videographer/Cameraman:  Often working as a one-man-band, sometimes run n' gun, doing camera, sound, and lighting, or working with a crew, filming events, docs, corporate videos, etc.
  • Interviews: See my Interview Reel below.
  • Steadicam Operator:  See my Steadicam Reel below.
  • Crewing:  I'm well connected with and have means of finding various crew members for camera, lighting, sound, etc., to provide whatever crew is needed.
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A compilation of shots from about 40 different projects I've worked on.  I operated the camera on every shot, working as a DP, videographer, or Steadicam operator.  Below is a time based breakdown of the type of content shown in the reel.

Narrative:  0:00-0:37
Church Media:  0:37-0:54
Academic Organizations:  0:54-1:05
Documentary/Commercial:  1:05-1:11
Cityscape/buildings/architecture:  1:11-1:18
Corporate:  1:18-1:31
Music Videos:  1:31-1:35
Steadicam Walk n Talk:  1:35-1:38
Sports:  1:38-1:47
Interviews:  1:47-2:04
Live Event:  2:02-2:13


Interviews are a large part of what I do.  I'm capable of lighting, running audio, and filming one person interviews as a one-man-band using my equipment, which can save from needing to hire multiple crew members for simple jobs.  For larger multiple person interviews, I have crew available.

There are 100 interview samples in this reel, along with another 15 interview samples at 1:47-2:04 in my Cinematography Reel above.


I own two Steadicam rigs, a Steadicam Zephyr which can support camera rigs up to 24 lbs, including my Arri Amira and Canon C300 Mark II.

The second Steadicam rig I own is a Devin Graham Glidecam with a Steadicam Merlin vest and arm, which can support up to 10 lbs.  This setup works with the C300 Mark II and is good for fast paced run n gun shooting; I used it both with and without the vest depending on the situation.

While I do freelance as a Steadicam operator, I typically do so with my own cameras since I've invested in them.

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